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In hoodoo practice, dressing oils are often used as anointing oils and vice versa because most folks don't have the money to spend on TWO oils for the same purpose -- and so all such conjure condition oils are made skin-safe. This does not mean that dressing oils or anointing oils are diluted to the level of massage oils, however. Massage oils are much lighter in fragrance and therefore only lightly touched with essential oils. Incidentally, you can cut any dressing or anointing oil to massage oil strength just by adding sweet Almond oil or Jojoba oil. This will save a bit of money for you, because you'll get three uses (dressing, anointing, and massage) from the same oil) and it will result in your having the ability to work sneaky tricks by giving massages with condition oils as you silently call your desires into the person whom you are massaging.

Many folks who use conjure oils that are reputed to improve personal conditions or bring about spiritual improvements prefer to anoint with them. Thus, Psychic Vision is primarily an anointing oil, as are Blessing and 7-11 Holy Type Oil.

Conjure oils alleged to attract good fortune are used primarily for dressing objects. For instance, among gamblers, the money set aside to play is often dressed with Money Drawing, Money Stay With Me, Three Jacks and a King, Lady Luck, or Fast Luck Oil prior to betting. People who are working love-drawing spells burn candles dressed with Come To Me, Love Me, Attraction, or Follow Me Boy oil. Van Van Oil is by far the most popular all-purpose dressing oil. It is especially linked in folkloric practice with the lucky rabbit foot charm. And, of course, mojo bags and their contents are usually dressed with a condition oil or with alcohol, or both.

In actual practice, most hoodoo oils are used both for anointing the person and for dressing charms, candles, or mojo bags. Since many of them have very pleasant scents, they can even be treated as a form of perfume. Thus, a person who feels under slanderous attack from an enemy may dress his doorstep with Fiery Wall of Protection and also wear the oil as a personal scent if he has to meet with the gossiping enemy in a social situation. Conjure oils commonly used for dressing as well as anointing include Crown of Success, King Solomon Wisdom, Cast Off Evil, John the Conqueror Root Oil, and the various formulas used in love spells, like Come To Me, Kiss Me Now!, and Lavender Love Drops. Even Money Drawing and Lucky Hand Oil are used for personal anointment by players who feel that this will give them a winning edge.

Methods of anointing and dressing the body with hoodoo oils vary from one practitioner to another, and certain forms are only used with certain named types of oil. Here are just a few of the methods i know -- but please understand that none of these are hard and fast rules; rather they merely reflect instructions given to me over the years by various root workers with whom i have conversed:

When using an anointing oil for Uncrossing or jinx-breaking, rub the body downward from head to feet. Expel bad tricks put on the person by rubbing them down the legs and out the feet and toes. The same is done when bathing someone for Uncrossing.

When anointing oneself in love spells or money spells to draw luck to you, rub the entire body upward from soles of feet to armpits, then from palms of hands to armpits, then up over the head to the mould of the head. This may be administered to the self but is more often a treatment given by a root worker.

When using King Solomon Wisdom or Crown of Success oils, anoint the head only: place oil on thumb, index, and middle fingers of dominant hand. Starting at the bridge of the nose, brush outward, above and parallel to the eyebrows, with thumb and middle finger, then brush upward from the bridge of the nose along midline of scalp with index finger. This form of anointing is accompanied by appropriate magic spells.

Anoint the mould of the head (the anterior fontenelle) with Blessing Oil for healing, power-enhancing, and other life-changing magic spells; use your palm and make a massage-like squeezing-rubbing motion, end with an upward brush of the palm.

When dressing the genitals with an oil such as Come to Me, Follow Me Boy, Love Me, Stay With Me, or other named formula intended to draw, keep, or enforce faithfulness in a lover, anoint the penis from tip to root, or anoint the vulva from perineum to clitoris; this draws the person closer.

When dressing the genitals with oil such as Cast Off Evil, Break-Up, Get Away, or any other named formula intended to break up with a lover, anoint the penis from root to tip, or anoint the vulva from clitoris to perineum; this sends the person away.

Anoint the palms of both hands right before you go to play, when using money-drawing or gambling oils such as Lady Luck, Fast Luck, Money Drawing Three Jacks and a King, or Special Dice Oil.

Run, Devil, Run Oil