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Spearmint, renowned for its refreshing flavor and aromatic fragrance, offers a multitude of physical benefits. Its naturally occurring menthol compound provides a cooling sensation, making spearmint a popular choice for alleviating digestive discomfort such as indigestion, gas, and bloating. Spearmint tea is often consumed to soothe upset stomachs and promote healthy digestion. Additionally, spearmint's antimicrobial properties contribute to oral health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath and dental plaque. Its soothing properties extend beyond digestion, as spearmint is also utilized in aromatherapy to relieve headaches and promote relaxation. Furthermore, spearmint is valued for its potential anti-inflammatory effects, which may aid in relieving muscle pain and reducing inflammation associated with conditions such as arthritis. With its versatile applications and refreshing taste, spearmint remains a beloved herb in both culinary and natural health practices.


In magical traditions, spearmint is revered for its potent spiritual properties and associations with purification, clarity, and vitality. Its refreshing scent and invigorating qualities make spearmint a popular choice for rituals and spells aimed at clearing negative energies and promoting mental clarity. Spearmint is often used in purification rituals, where it is burned as incense or infused into cleansing baths to remove stagnant energy and invite fresh, positive vibrations. Additionally, spearmint is believed to enhance vitality and energy, making it a valuable tool for rituals aimed at boosting physical stamina and revitalizing the spirit. Its association with clarity of thought and focus also makes spearmint a favorite herb for enhancing meditation practices and sharpening mental acuity. Whether used in sachets, charms, or rituals, spearmint is esteemed for its ability to uplift the spirit and purify the mind, making it a cherished herb among practitioners of various magical traditions.




Physical Uses: Cold, digestion, breathing

Spiritual Uses: Mood, cleansing, good will

Chakra: Throat

Deities: Hades, Persephone, Hecate

Spearmint (Mentha Spicata) 1oz