Withershins Menagerie

1922 10th Street

Wichita Falls, TX 76301



Thank you for requesting information about our vibrant new marketplace showcasing quality artisans and crafters. Withershins Menagerie is located at 1922 10th Street in Wichita Falls soon to be

Old Town Arts District.


We are open 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. Your rent is deducted at the end of each month and sales tax is collected and paid to the State of Texas.



Rental Contract:

The following are RULES and REGULATIONS for the operation of Withershins Menagerie. These rules and regulations are a part of the Rental Agreement and Vendor Application.


  1. Booth Rentals: Booths vary in size depending on the needs of each dealer and are rented for $5 a square foot plus 5% of sales. Booths will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Vendors are required to give a $50.00 security deposit. The deposit is used first for any damage and second, towards your last month of rent. Deposits will not be returned if dealers move out without the 30 day notice unless approved by Management. The rental contract is extended on a month to month basis. Dealers may stock their booth anytime during business hours. You may not keep the staff after hours to work on your booth. The vendor or Withershins Menagerie may terminate the rental agreement by submitting notice in writing in advance of the first day of the month.


  2. Rent Due: Rent is due the first day of the month for that month. Rent will be deducted from accumulated sales of the previous month. If rent exceeds sales, then payment by the vendor is due by the 8th of the month. If rent is overdue by 20 days, unsold merchandise may be sold by Withershins Menagerie to cover past due rent and cannot otherwise be removed from the market until rent is paid in full. Rent extends from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

  3. Sales Tax: Withershins Menagerie will be responsible for the collection and payment of sales taxes to the Treasurer, State of Texas. Dealers may not use the Withershins Menagerie sales tax number for their personal use.

  4. Commissions: A five percent (5%) commission will be charged on all items sold. This amount will be deducted from the monthly vendor payment. This covers credit card fees, marketing, and maintenance.


  5. Pay Periods: The close of business on the last day of the month is the cut off date for processing sales. Checks to dealers may be picked up after 1 pm on the eight day of the following month. One month’s rent and all commissions are deducted from the sales. The statement of the month’s sales activity will be provided with the check.


  1. Vendor Identification: Only individuals with permission from the vendor (owner of merchandise) will be allowed to remove unsold items and pick up checks from Withershins Menagerie. Please let us know if a significant other is going to be involved.


  2. Pricing: Dealers must furnish their own tags. Items placed in a booth must have a price tag with readable notations on the front: Vendor ID, Price and Item Description. Any other information the vendor deems necessary should be written on the back of the price tag. To protect the vendor, prices cannot be crossed out and replaced by another price written on the tag. Price tags must be securely fashioned to the merchandise. Vendors are responsible for tagging their own merchandise.


  3. Housekeeping: Vendors are responsible for keeping their own space and merchandise clean and orderly. Withershins Menagerie is responsible for maintenance of aisles, restrooms and the common areas.


  4. Vendor Discount: A ten percent (10%) discount will be offered to any vendor in this store or to anyone having a sales tax identification number (must fill out the state sales tax form) on individual items priced at $20 or more. Do not mark your items FIRM. Adjust your prices for Withershins Menagerie policy. The cashier must be notified before ringing up the sale. Any vendor who desires a minimum price on any particular item must mark that item up to allow for the 10% discount. We will also make personal phone calls with offers on items over $50.00 if the vendor so chooses. We will keep information on each vendor’s wishes at the front computer. Dealers may give discounts to non dealers on items over $20.00 if they so choose.


  5. Prohibited Sales: Withershins Menagerie reserves the right to prohibit any item from being sold on the the premises. All sales will go through the cash register Withershins Menagerie. Any sale that does not go through the register will violate this agreement and serve as cause to terminate it. Vendors working in their booths may “deal” or reduce price to a customer but are not allowed to complete the sale on premises without going through the register. Withershins Menagerie does not allow pornography (as determined by management), live animals, or combat ready weapons. Management reserves the right to refuse any merchandise we feel is inappropriate.


  6. NO SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted on the premises.


  7. Sale: A vendor may run a sale in his or her booth for not more than two consecutive pay periods. Continuous booth sales are not allowed.


  8. Displays: All sales merchandise must be kept WITHIN each vendor’s assigned space. Customer walkways shall not be obstructed by merchandise.


  1. All Laws Apply: Vendors shall abide at all times by the codes, ordinances, and regulations of the city, county and state and other governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the conduct of vendor's business.

  1. Move-Out: Move-outs shall occur on or before the last day of the current rental period. Holdovers will be charged an additional rent. Management must be given a written 30-day notice in advance of move-out BY THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH. Vendor must settle all over due rent charges and damages before removing merchandise from Withershins Menagerie on move-out day.


  2. Layaways: Layaways on items of fifty dollars ($50) or more are permitted with a twenty-five percent (25%) down payment and the balance to be paid within thirty (30) days. There will be no refunds on Layaways. If the transaction is not fulfilled, the customer will forfeit the down payment. The Layaway merchandise will stay in it's original location with a layaway or sold tag attached. Space permitting, management may move layaway merchandise to a holding location.

  3. Checks: Withershins Menagerie will accept checks as payment for any item with proof of identity by a current driver's license and will be responsible for collection of bad checks.


  1. Credit and Debit Cards: Withershins Menagerie will accept payment by all major credit and debit cards.


  1. Losses and Insurance: Vendor is responsible for his or her own insurance and premise liability. Withershins Menagerie will not be responsible for any loss or damage of merchandise, property or equipment, either from natural or unnatural causes, such as theft, fire, flood, wind, rain or any other cause whatsoever.



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I have read the Consignment Agreement, Information Sheet and Basic Guidelines and accept the conditions as stated.





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(Please provide on a separate sheet of paper, a brief description of what you intend to sell at Withershins Menagerie. )